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Systemair VR400 EV/EV-B-DCV Active Carbon Filterset

Systemair VR400 EV/EV-B-DCV Active Carbon Filterset

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Complete filterset to Systemair VR 400  EV/DCV

The filterset contains 2 pocket filters with dimensions: 174x338x475/2 + 171x338x265/2.

The filterset is produced in quality ePM1 65% on in air and ePM10 70% on exhaust air, which is equivalent or better than delivered directly from the manufacturer.

Activate carbon filters are a very good solution against both odours, suspended dust and small amounts of gases. The active charcoal in the filters removes odors such as cigarette smoke, fireplaces or strong food smells from the surroundings. Carbon filters have a very good effect, but must be changed more often to maintain the odor removal effect.

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